January 16, 2017



Our goal is to provide gospel-centered resources to equip the saints at no cost for His Glory ALONE! These resources are to help you point others to Jesus Christ and to grow in your walk with the Lord.

GOSPEL TRACTS: We are the Belize distributors of Chapel Library tracts and gospel materials. We have over 1,000 gospel tracts, pamphlets, and books available. These are offered at no cost for His Glory ALONE. We have many titles available. Search our Gospel tracts HERE.

GOSPEL TRACT DISPLAYS: Share the Gospel at your place of business by placing a Gospel tract display on your counter. We offer the display and the tracts at no cost to you. See these displays HERE.

BIBLES: We also provide Bibles, and the Book of John, in the English, Spanish, Kekchi, Garifuna, Maya-Mopan and Chinese languages at no cost for His Glory ALONE. Search our Bibles HERE.

BIBLE APP: Do you have a computer, tablet or smartphone? Get the FREE Bible APP and read the Word in over 1,800 languages! Get the FREE app now HERE.

BOOKS: Gospel-centered books to help you grow in His Word are available at no cost HERE.

DVDS/CDS: Gospel-centered DVDS and CDS are available at no cost HERE.

READING GLASSES: Reading glasses for those who have a hard time reading the Word are available at no cost HERE.

FREE STUDIES: Growth in the Word of God is essential to any born-again believer. We have many studies to help you grow in HIM at no cost HERE.


If you need specific resources that are not listed here please CONTACT US.

Our prayer is that all of these FREE resources will help equip the church to point others to our Glorious King Jesus Christ. For His Glory ALONE!